Major Downsides Of Dating A Single Dad

Contrary to popular belief, dating single dads may not be a good idea. Most assume that since the single dads are great with their own kids, they are a good catch. Also, that he may be ready to settle down with the right woman. However, single dads have it rough since a large portion of women don’t really want to date them. Perhaps the reasons below may help explain better why that is so.

Does Not Want More Children – If you’re a woman who doesn’t have any children of your own, you may want to have some. Perhaps you have one and want more. But most single dads may not be ready or willing to have any more children. And if you ever wanted your kid to be the first, that goes out the window as well.

The Ex Baby Mama Factor – Chances are that the single dad’s baby mama will cause drama for you. In many instances, they maintain sexual relations with their kid’s dad. All that spells trouble for any woman who dates him.

Parenting Skills Differ – Women who have children of their own and date single dads, could have conflicting parenting skills. All parents govern their kids differently. Some are strict while others are more liberal. If the way he treats his children is not how you treat yours, or how you think he should be with his own, it can spell trouble.

You Will Have To Play The Mommy Role – Guys who have kids and date you will likely say they don’t need you to play mommy. But that is what’s most likely to happen anyway. One way or the other, you will end up doing mommy type things.

Time Becomes An Issue – Taking care of a child when you are a single parent requires a lot of work. Based on that, he may not have too much free time for you. The majority of females don’t want to be second to a kid’s schedule anyway.

The Money Issue – Single dads will usually have expenses regular men don’t. That includes spouse alimony, child support or both. Many of them also have bills that come from taking care of their kids. It all equals less money for you both to enjoy on dating and other things.