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Giving a blowjob and/or a handjob to a mate or lover can be an amazing experience. It can be so for either one party or both, depending on how it is done. Additionally, oral sex can help form a strong sense of intimacy for couples. The same for a handjob, even though not as much. After all, a blowjob is an expression that equates closeness, sensuality and affection in the strongest forms. The only problem is that often times, women don’t enjoy giving men head. As a result, the men on the receiving end do not as well.

According to research, one of the most important things for men about oral sex, is how much their partner likes doing it. That means if a woman is not enthusiastic or thrilled about it, the man may not enjoy  it as much. This doesn’t mean that he won’t like it or ejaculate. But that those women who give oral sex like they love it, achieve greater reactions. In turn, they cause their men to achieve ejaculation like never before. This logic can also be applied to a handjob. Many mainstream movies and cable series depict women giving a man a handjob. However, some can be seen doing so without any kind of liveliness. In fact, they show them with expressions on their faces as if wishing the men would hurry up and come.

Truth is that both a handjob and blowjob are an art form in a sense. If done correctly, it can make any man squirm and explode. He will writhe, moan and even scream in ecstasy. Any female interested in controlling and pleasing her man, should learn how to properly touch and lick her partner’s private part. There are films which show women controlling a situation simply by knowing how to suck on a man’s penis or jerk him off. Luckily for women, there are many blowjob porn found online today. Any of them can be great tools for learning the art of oral sex. The same for handjob porn videos. Adult sites contain thousands of them with detail information.

In the same way that educational videos are found on sites such as YouTube, adult sites have blowjob porn videos. Some of them created with that specific idea in mind which is showing how to properly do it. Hookers, private escorts and call girls are professionals for keeping their clients happy this way. It is why so many men go back to them in the first place. Both are things which they may not get at home from their spouses. And if they do, their partners may not be doing it correctly or with exuberance.

In order for a woman to give a man a great handjob or blowjob, she needs to be into it. Secondly, she has to use her eyes to make contact with him. Use not only your hands, but also your lips and tongue when performing oral sex. For a handjob, using lubricant can make the experience mind-blowing for him. Look at it like giving him a massage on his penis. Some sex experts even recommend using your breath. This is some form of tantric sex which causes complete arousal.

To further make your partner go crazy, talk to him. Men have been known to reach orgasm faster because of hot and sexy talk. Case in point is how popular phone sex is. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy it as well. If you don’t, you will never really like it and chances are, neither will he.

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